The universities in Lower Saxony report about us in their magazine “Technology Information”. Find out how smart apps optimize production!

“Above all, companies hope that intelligent production will reduce their costs. The Hanover-based company Bitmotec is developing a smart process optimization system for this purpose. A core component is modular apps that uses artificial intelligence to optimize production quality and maintenance, for example. They are suitable for optical quality inspection, infrastructure monitoring and predictive maintenance, among other things.

Companies want to use digital factory solutions to create transparency in production processes and, above all, increase their efficiency. A smart factory is expected to increase production efficiency by 10 percent, reduce operating costs by 20 percent, and reduce maintenance costs by 50 percent. At present, however, there are mostly isolated solutions that are difficult to network or expand. In addition, there is a pronounced shortage of skilled workers for implementation as well as fears regarding data security.”

Also very interesting: Business ethicist Prof. Dr . Christoph Schank from the University of Vechta discusses the opportunities and risks of artificial intelligence in practical application with computer scientist Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bodo Rosenhahn from Leibniz University Hannover.

The entire issue is available free of charge as a PDF at Technology Information Issue 01/2020

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