Software Services for Digital Production

Production software plays a major role in industrial companies by providing innovative solutions to optimize processes and increase efficiency. Our software services for production range from reviews of your software or data structure, to setting up your desired software, to individual development. Please contact us.

Software Services for Digital Production: Review of Your Software

Software Review for Your Software

A software review is a structured process for evaluating and reviewing software code or documentation. During a software review, the code, designs, or documentation are checked for errors, efficiency, compliance with standards, security, and usability. We evaluate the code or documentation, identify potential issues or opportunities for improvement, and provide feedback to optimize the quality and reliability of the software. With our software review, you can identify vulnerabilities at an early stage and increase your code quality.

Have you developed your own software for your production (e.g. an analysis) and want to have it independently tested? We analyze your software in the following programming languages:

  • Python
  • Go
  • JavaScript,
  • C,
  • C++

We can then support you with adaptations to the source code, the further development of the source code, the migration of your software into other languages or the integration with other software systems.

Software Review – We accompany you with our software services for production. Get in touch with us now:

Software Services for Digital Production: Review of Your Database Structures

Review of your database structures

Do you record comprehensive data in your production or do you want to do so in the future? Not sure if your database structure fits the bill?

With our review of your database structure, we review and evaluate the architecture, design and organization of your database.

Among other things, we check:

  • Table Structures
  • Relations
  • Indexes
  • Types
  • Retention Policy
  • Security Measures

We can assist with the following database types:

  • Relational Database – MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • In-Memory Database – Redis
  • Time Series Database – InfluxDB

The goal is to identify potential issues such as data inconsistencies, poor performance, or security vulnerabilities. Our feedback is used to optimize the database structure, increase the efficiency of data retrieval, ensure data integrity, and ensure compliance with database standards. Detect errors early and improve the quality of your database. A solid foundation for effective data management and use in your organization.

Your result: Summary with evaluation and derived recommendations for action.

You don’t have a database concept yet? No problem! On request, you will receive a concept for your new database structure, matching your requirements.

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Digital Production Software Services: Setting Up Your Software

Setting up your software

Software in the production environment is used to optimize production processes, collect, analyze and visualize data, maintain quality standards, monitor performance and, in some cases, enable the automation of operations. Proper configuration and training of employees are crucial to ensure effective use of the software and contribute to the continuous improvement of production processes.

There are several factors to consider when setting up software in the production environment to ensure smooth integration and optimal performance.

  • First, it’s important to understand the specific requirements of the production environment and adapt the software accordingly.
  • The software should be seamlessly integrated into existing processes to ensure data continuity and efficiency.
  • Security plays a key role, as protecting operational data and preventing interruptions is paramount.

Do you need support in setting up software in your IT system structure? No problem! Whether Windows or Linux operating system, we set up your desired software on your target system.

Software Services for Digital Production: Individual Development for Software

Individual software development

You need software for e.g. the automation of manufacturing processes, the monitoring of machines and systems, data acquisition and analysis for process optimisation? However, the software you need for your production has not yet been invented?

With our individual software development, we make it possible to create tailor-made solutions that meet the specific requirements of the production environment and can contribute to increasing efficiency and innovation in manufacturing.

When it comes to individual software development in the production environment, specific aspects must be taken into account in order to create tailor-made solutions.

  • First, it is important to understand the exact requirements and processes of the production environment in order to develop software that can be seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure.
  • Considering scalability, ease of use, and security is critical to ensure optimal performance and continuity.

We develop your individual software using a structured approach, from the recording of requirements and a functional specification to software acceptance and support during operation. With our modular BITMOTECOsystem, we save up to 80% development time thanks to the reusable functional components.

Would you like to know more? Then get in touch with us now. We know our way around production and software!

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