Intelligent IoT solutions with BITMOTECOsystem technology

Modular, secure and user-friendly – the technology combines everything on one platform.

  • On-premises: As a virtual machine (VM) on your own hardware

  • Low-maintenance: Lean update processes and provided updates

  • Managed modules: Industrial-grade open-source software

  • Quick setup: No time-consuming installation

  • Individually expandable: Modular application management and development

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The IoT operating system BITMOTECO OS, developed by us, lays the foundation for long-term successful and intelligent IoT solutions.

The technology of the BITMOTECO OS offers the possibility to install function and security updates of installed modules. It also has user control and an integrated firewall.


Challenges in the operation of open source software include the inhomogeneous technological basis, maintenance-intensive operation and sometimes slow operational readiness. The BITMOTECO OS technology provides the unified technological basis. In addition, we offer managed open-source software modules, which reduce maintenance costs and enable rapid deployment, among other things.

Currently, the following managed modules are offered:



With Node-RED, systems such as machines, sensors or higher-level systems such as MES or ERP can be networked on the basis of low-code with minimal effort.

Possible interfaces: OPC-UA, MQTT, MTConnect, Modbus, IO-Link, REST-API, u. v. m.



Grafana provides a wide range of ready-made visualization options. Low-code allows the creation of individual dashboards within a very short time.



InfluxDB provides a time series-based database for the BITMOTECOsystem.
It thus enables the decentralised storage of measured values and analysis results and thus ensures independence from cloud services.

mosquitto MQTT-Broker


The Mosquitto MQTT broker makes it possible to collect data via MQTT without having to integrate additional systems into the network.

With the Mosquitto Broker, data can also be exchanged and made available between several BITMOTECOsystems in a targeted manner.



Chirpstack is an open-source LoRaWAN server that is used to set up LoRaWAN networks. The functions are the management of gateways, sensors and users.



PostgreSQL is a powerful, object-relational database system.


With the BITMOTECO SDK (Software Development Kit) technology, customers and partners have the opportunity to develop individual applications as stand-alone modules for the BITMOTECOsystem. This enables, among other things, the integration of further interfaces or individual (AI) calculations/analyses with your own user interfaces.

Due to the simple communication between the modules of the BITMOTECOsystem, new modules benefit from the functions of the installed BITMOTECO modules, such as their interfaces and data connection as well as, for example, the possible use of a database.

With the help of the SDK, any containerizable software components can be combined into a separate module. It doesn’t matter if you use a single container image or multiple container images. The prerequisite is the use of OCI containers, so you are free to choose the programming languages: e.g. C++ applications, Python, Go or Node.js are just a small selection. In one module, several application components (e.g. backend and frontend) can run in separate containers and still be easily managed together.

Advantages of the technology

There are several advantages to using Linux® container technologies. For example, the application is encapsulated from other processes of the BITMOTECOsystem (in an isolated sandbox) and executed with clearly defined interfaces. Furthermore, full control over the software stack of the company’s own modules is guaranteed and the SDK can be seamlessly integrated into the proven container-based workflows (e.g. CI/CD pipelines) of development.

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BITMOTECO Support Portal

The BITMOTECO Support Portal is the learning and support platform of Bitmotec GmbH. There our customers and partners will find a knowledge base with many helpful articles and videos about the BITMOTECOsystem.

  • Commissioning & Integration Guidance
  • Training materials, tutorials, videos
  • Feature announcements, answers to security questions, and updates
  • OS and Module updates
  • Examples of dashboards, interface configurations, and data flow modeling

In addition, a ticket system is integrated, which enables users to get in touch with our support quickly and easily.