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BITMOTECO Machine Monitoring

BITMOTECO Machine Monitoring supports you in maximizing the productivity and availability of your machines and systems. Our solution records the status and order-related use of operating resources and enables you to automate recurring manual tasks and gain valuable insights into the performance of your machines and systems. Machine monitoring makes existing machines and systems more profitable and reliable and identifies starting points for increasing energy efficiency.

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BITMOTECO Condition Monitoring System

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With the BITMOTECO Condition Monitoring System, you can increase the efficiency of your company, detect machine and system failures at an early stage and optimize your maintenance processes. With this system, you can easily record the conditions of a wide range of machines, plants and even buildings to maximize productivity and minimize energy consumption. Benefit from fast integration and secure operation. We offer impressive time savings in both the implementation and configuration of our solution, so you can focus on what matters most – keeping your business running smoothly. Take the first step towards efficiency and reliability with the BITMOTECO Condition Monitoring System!

BITMOTECO Research-Data-Platform

Researchers now have access to an innovative product that makes data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization easier than ever before.

The BITMOTECO Research-Data-Platform enables researchers to conveniently execute their own procedures, algorithms and software components during research and development and beyond in productive use, while obtaining structured data for data analysis and scientific publications.

The software platform offers continuous data processing and is highly adaptable and modular, so it can be tailored to the needs of each individual researcher. With its rapid implementation of experiments, this solution is ideal for researchers who need to collect, store, analyze and visualize data from various sources quickly and efficiently.

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With the BITMOTECO IoT System, you can comprehensively network existing IT/OT structures and make them future-proof. With our solution, you can expand IT/OT structures dynamically and modularly while automating unproductive manual activities. Established open source software provides an excellent way for your business to make the most of its available resources and ensure that you remain competitive in their respective fields. With our IoT System, open source software, stand-alone software solutions as well as in-house developments can be integrated and operated in a smart way.

Individual solutions

Can’t find the right solution for your individual problem? Please feel free to contact us. We advise you and implement your individual solutions with the BITMOTECOsystem for you! In five phases, we systematically support you in planning, implementation and operation. Get to know our services and let our experts advise you.

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